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Roadschool fun at the largest collection of Millstones in US and Mountain Life Museum


This week we got to see the largest collection of millstones in  US. Our roadschool adventure took us to visit the McHargues Mill house and bird sanctuary. Unfortunately, all the historical markers were badly weathered and hard to read. We did, in Unschool fashion, google information on the Mill, and learn it was built in 1812 and was a working mill that made three grades of flour, bran, corn meal, and even wool. The mill Continue reading

Road school Adventure at Black Water Falls State Park

Black Water State Park

Black Water State Park is one awesome water fall and a requirement if you’re visiting Davis, WV. As one of the locals told us be ready to climb lots of stairs and it will fill like twice as many on the way back up. Really we only climbed 235 stairs down with a total of 470 round trip. We did learn, by reading the markers along the path, that the “black” water is a result of Continue reading

Roadside Fun: Name the city where Colonel Sanders first served his secret recipe

Colonel Sanders

Can anyone name the city where Colonel Sanders first served his secret recipe to motorist? It all started in 1932 at a gas station during the Great Depression. Sanders Cafe is not on many people’s historical bucket lists, except my daughters, Munchy’s. Her favorite food is fried chicken, of course. The story goes that Harland Sanders humble beginning to fame began by pumping gas. As more and more motorists asked Sanders to recommend a place Continue reading

Hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains National park can be educationally exhausting


We love to go hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park and have found it to be filled with history and beauty. Hiking can be a great activity to do with the whole family and is a great way to see some amazing places. We picked three hikes this week that would be educational, beautiful with lots of water falls, picturesque, and easy to walk. We like doing easy to moderate hikes and to Continue reading

Don’t forget your wallet when visiting Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge


Don’t get me wrong we loved visiting Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge but honestly you need a thick wallet to enjoy it.  I was told recently that everything is only six dollars and not that expensive, keep in mind the person who told me this hadn’t been to Gatlinburg for 30 years.  Here is my warning, everything is $26 per person, and some are more and even a few dollars less but make sure your wallet is Continue reading

Unschool Question: Should you homeschool all year or take the summer off


I have asked myself this very question many times. Should you homeschool all year or should you take the summer off? Honestly, you should do what ever works best for your family. Our family does school all year but we relax a little during the summer. Relaxing to us mean we might not do math for a month or two, or when we finish reading a series of books as a family we might take Continue reading