Top ten kids approved Travel items for homeschool or Road Schooling
We learned how to read a map and practiced photography
Valentine Chocolate Pretzels with Sprinkles and marshmallows
Our tale of Robbery on Grand Canyon Railway on Munchy’s 11th Birthday
Must have item for camping in a RV
Wild Wild West and the terrors of Tombstone

Zion and Bryce National Parks


The word that comes to mind when I think about our drive through Zion National Park and Bryce National is majestic.  We have been in Beaver Utah for the last week trying to do some research on Alaska and avoid the snow (it didn’t work).  By the way, Beaver, Utah is  where the Morman’s came to settle into Utah.  We received several brochers with the history of the town, I am probably the only one that actual read it and then did more research online, and I and the girls found the history very interesting. Zion was the first park Continue reading

Unschooling Rules for Art on the Road


Unschooling really has no rules because the goal of unschooling is to do what interests the child – child led learning.  When you talk about rules for art on the road their really is only one rule.  If your child is interested in art like my youngest daughter then get lots of art supplies that will fuel their interest. One way to make it easier on you as a parent is to get a subscription, like Kiwi Crate Shop.  A package comes in the mail each month with science, art, games and more!.  I have several friends who are not Continue reading

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

Hoover dam

Nevada is a huge desert (I miss grass) that has some of the most beautiful scenery in all of America.  Lake Mead is surrounded by huge mountain with amazing vews of the night sky.  We loved staying at the RV Village right next to the state park, mainly because it had full hookups.  The spaces were a little tight but the park served it’s purpose which is just fine with us, were are not picky these days. The first day we went to the Visitors Center for Lake Mead and the girls did their Jr. Ranger Badges.  This time we Continue reading

Orange Olive Oil Candle and some much needed rest

orange candle

Just like the kids mom’s need a little rest also.  I have taken off from posting anything on the blog because I decided that I just needed a break from the blog.  I am trying to decided how to write my articles since we have gone to a unschool, how to blog, to a Road school, follow our travel blog.  We have been planning this road trip for 5 years or dreaming about it and now it has become a reality for four months.  We actually have a new plan for our trip but more on that at the end Continue reading

For kids that love electronics, robotics and coding


I have a great friend who has designed a Portable XPlorerBoard that could be a great tool for any child who loves exploring what they can do with electronics. This is a way to give children a jump-start in the field of programing and robotics.  To get this project started he needs your backing for as little as $1 (or more) you can help him get the funding he needs to make this project a reality. Pledge Now!  

Must have item for camping in a RV

rv camping

We have been traveling in a RV for five months (October 30th, 2013) and now feel like we kind of know what we are doing.  Ok we look like we know what we are doing when we pull into our RV campsite and set up.  Campers are nosiest people around (it’s very humorous) …. they actually stop what ever they are doing and watch you set up when you pull into your site. We also stop to look to see where the new campers are from, if they are friendly and most importantly check out what new gadget they have Continue reading

Montezuma Castle National Monument


Who wouldn’t like to live up in the sky, at least away from predators, flood waters, and were it is cool in summer and warm in the winter.  That it was the girls learned while doing their Jr. Ranger badge at Montezuma Castle and Montezuma Well.  The girls learned science, about the animals that live in the area, environment, eco system, history and culture.  This was one of our nationals first national monuments proclaimed by Theodore Roosevelt and America’s first car bound tourist destination. Many of you following along with us, as we make our way across America, wish you Continue reading

No hands were bitten off at the Deer Farm

deer farm

Have you ever heard of a deer biting off someone’s hand before?  Neither have I ….. I just thought it would be a fun title to get your attention about the Grand Canyon Deer Farm.  Actually they were very sweet deer and were super excited to see us because they knew they were going to get feed.  They were funny and would follow you around the path.  Huggs said she felt like Santa and would take a handful of food walk away so they would follow her.  They also had real reindeer, a camel, goats, donkeys, bison, pig, monkeys and Continue reading