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Roadside Fun: Name the richest state Park in the Country?


Can you name the Richest state park in the country? I will give you a hint: You will find the hardest substance on the planet and then think about what states you can find them. This place also happens to be a State Park but unlike most parks everything you find you can take home. Ok well only 5 LB bucket of washed rocks per person, and honestly that looked like a lot of work. Continue reading

Visiting The Airstream Factory Tour in Jackson Center, Ohio


AI cannot tell you how excited we were to take the Airstream Factory Tour in Jackson Center, Ohio. Not Because it is one of the oldest and best-built RV on the market. The main reason is because they look so cool and we have always wanted one. I honestly don’t know if we could full-time in an Airstream but if one was given to us I would figure out to make it work. Imagine an Continue reading

Instant Pot Easy Pork chop, Rice, and Veggies


Hi, fellow homeschoolers. We just made the most delicious meal in our Instant Pot Easy Pork chop, Rice, and Veggies. It was so yummy that everyone had second and my pickiest eater had thirds.  This one step recipe that only takes an hour to cook in an IP. Instant Pot Easy Pork chop, Rice, and Veggies Print Instant Pot Easy Porkchop, Rice, and Vegies Serves: 4-6 Ingredients 4 Pork chops cubed 1 bag frozen vegetables 3 cups Continue reading

Five Christmas Gifts rule for your teenager


Our family uses the Five Christmas Gifts rule for our teenagers. As my kids have become older and more mature buying gifts have become harder and harder. So I implemented a system that has worked great since we have hit the road. Our house is only 350 square feet and space is limited. Each child gets to pick five gifts. We like this rule because it helps you stay on budget and get real things Continue reading

Dave Canterbury and hiking at Muscatatuck State Park


We got to meet Dave Canterbury and visit his outdoor store in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ok, we really didn’t get to meet him but we did meet his life-size cut out. As a family, we have watched his videos on YouTube and watched the tv series “Duel Survivor”. I am not true outdoorsmen and if I had a choice I would choose a Holiday Inn any day. We found out that he only visits the store Continue reading

Edible Science: The Naked Egg Experiment


This Edible Science experiment is not really for consumption but it is super cool. The Naked Egg Experiment will watch how an egg absorbs water and how it leaches it out. It was amazing to wake up and see the differences between the two eggs. The first Print Edible Science: The Naked Egg Experiment Serves: 0 Ingredients 2 eggs – with shells dissolved Clear cups Water Corn Syrup Instructions Do the Disappearing Egg Shell Experiment first, Continue reading