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Huge List kids can use learn math: Unschool style

I created, a huge list that kids can use to learn math, Unschool style. My family has homeschooled or Unschooled for over 10 years. We have learned math in many different ways, styles, and methods. Over the years we have had fun inventive ways to make learning fun. A little about Unschooling Unschooling is self-directed learning that puts the child control. We as parents are here to help them along the way or lead them Continue reading

5 strategies help parents survive Covid-19: Unschool style

I have come up with 5 strategies parents can use to survive Covid-19: Unschool style. Many new parents have just become their child’s homeschool teacher and are wondering how they will survive Covid-19 lockdown. If you have ever wanted to start homeschooling this is the perfect time to start. I promise it’s really easy if you remember a few things. First, learning should be fun First, thing is to remember that learning should be fun. Continue reading

Stuck at home because of Coronavirus? Ideas on how to Unschool

Many families may be stuck at home because of Coronavirus. The nation is on high alert and many parents have become homeschool teachers. Homeschool families do school at home all the time but this is new for “normal” school kids. If you have ever considered Unschooling this is a great time to start. Over the years we have learned how to make learning fun. A brief description of Unschooling Unschooling has several meanings and can Continue reading

Five ways to make your Unschool Vacation awesome

Check out five ways to make Unschool Vacation awesome. Now that we are stationary we love taking Unschool vacations. We traveled for four years in an RV and learned lots of tricks to make vacations enjoyable. We love making them educational and super fun. First, invite friends or family to spend the week with you We have met some pretty amazing people on the road and some we have stayed very close to. Our second Continue reading

How to Unschool sports as part of your curriculum

Can you include Unschool sports as part of your curriculum? Most parents and teachers view sports as extra activities. They believe that your core classes do not include sports, art or music. I, on the other hand, think of sports as life learning and therefore should be included as part of an Unschool curriculum. Let me explain and show you how Unschool sports can teach you as much as a book. My kids are part Continue reading

5 gift rule for an Unschool Christmas

5 gift rules

We don’t spend a lot of money at Christmas and started the 5 gift rule when we started traveling fulltime. Even though we now live in a Stick and brick house and only travel for fun, I still keep this rule. Holidays are not about how much you spend but the memories you make. The 5 gift rule for us is more about education and broadening our mines. The girls get 1 gift they want, Continue reading