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Drive through Gettysburg Battlefield and learn a little history also


A drive-through Gettysburg Battlefield  is the best way to see the historic battlefield. We  have had Gettysburg on our bucket list since we left to travel full-time three years ago. It is Pennsylvania’s most visited destination. Gettysburg Battlefield We enjoyed our scenic self-guided driving tour through the 6000-acre battlefield. Being from the south we expected to see fortifications but instead, we saw open land with thousands and thousands of monuments. We learned more than we bargained Continue reading

First time using Instant Pot: Spaghetti and meatballs


My First time using Instant Pot or IP making spaghetti and meatballs. I have to confess, I have had an IP for over three months and it has been sitting in my cabinet staring (and laughing) at me every time I open the door. The evil pot scared me terribly and I just would close the door and tell myself tomorrow.  Well, tomorrow finally came and we decided to take the plunge and cook our Continue reading

Maple Candy experiment: Do crystals form smaller if cooled faster


Maple Candy experiment: Do crystals form smaller if cooled faster? This time, we made candy you can eat, really it tasted like pancakes. Maple candy is really easy to make and fun to eat. Before we began we found some videos on YouTube and read about how crystals are formed.  This was a fun experiment because we just visited the Endless Caverns, where we learned how crystal formation was formed. What you need: Induction Cooktop Continue reading

Hersey RV Show is RV heaven, our choice for fulltime living


Hershey Rv Show is 13 football fields of RV Heaven. More RVs than I have ever seen at one time.  There were so many RVs to visit we had to go three days just see everything. Then we were so tired we took a day off to just hang out at home and went again on the last day just for couple hours to see our favorites. Picking out the right RV for fulltime living Continue reading

You Unschool and your friends and family don’t approve, How do you deal with them?


You Unschool and your friends and family don’t approve, How do you deal with them? If you have chosen to take the road less traveled and homeschool your child be ready to run into those that do NOT approve. Even harder is the road of a Unschooler or Roadschooler. Trust me I know from experience. So how do you deal with these people? There are three roads you can take and sometimes it depends on Continue reading

The Never Ending homemade Boat Build and race at FTF Colonial Times Rally


Have you been to a sailboat race, watched a cigarette boat race? A homemade boat race is exhilarating, exciting, and one of the funniest events we have ever seen.  We have spent the last week with 50 families that travel fulltime in an RV. The Fulltime Families Colonial Times Rally was a weekend to remember but the best part of the whole weekend was the homemade boat race. Tall Pines Campground offered fun activities before and after Continue reading