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Ten improvements to our camper that I couldn’t live without


Our family has traveled fulltime in an RV for almost three years, this October, 2016. We have made several changes overtime but check out these six improvements to our camper. Most of these items I have bought on Amazon but every so often you can find them at a Camping World, RV store, Wal-Mart or Target. Portable Ice Maker I cannot tell you how much I love my ice maker and ask myself everyday why we didn’t Continue reading

Step back in time at Old Fort Niagara and learn how three countries occupied this fort


We love taking Unschooling field trips to visit historic sites and  our favorite so far was the visit to Old Fort Niagara.  The paid entry fee gets a tour guide with 30 other guests, short movie and array of wonderful volunteers.  The volunteers were great at answer questions and teaching first hand what it was like to live during that era. I always say life experiences are often be the best teachers. Our tour began with a five minute movie that explained the Continue reading

Should you Walk or Drive across the Rainbow Bridge to Canada


Should you Walk or drive across the Rainbow Bridge to Canada? We had this discussion for the last 50 miles as we headed to our new campsite on moving day. I did a lot of checking on the internet and found it to be a toss up. Driving or walking really depends on what your intentions once you get to Canada. If you want to see a lot of Canada then drive but if you only want see Niagara Continue reading

Roadschool Adventure: Canaan State Park where we watched a snapping turtle lay eggs

Canaan State Park

Canaan State park is not only picturesque but filled with animals, lush forest and beautiful mountain views. Highlight of our mornings was swimming till lunch everyday in a heated pool overlooking the mountains (it was 45-65 degrees every morning). Our highlight of the week was watching a Snapping Turtle lay her eggs.  Consequently, the only down side to this park is high-speed 1G internet, but who needs Internet when you’re trying to relax. Have you ever seen a Continue reading

Roadside Fun: What is the name people call Cumberland Falls?


What is the name people call Cumberland Falls? Hint: Cumberland Falls has a much bigger twin in New York that we hope to see later this summer. This small fall can get 300 feet wide during its highest level and plunges over a 250 million year old rock. The falls enchants poetic beauty for Romantics. It is best known for its moonbow, which they say can only duplicated at Victoria Falls in Africa. Sadly, we missed the full moon and Continue reading

Can kids become socialized on the road if you travel fulltime?


Can kids become socialized on the road if you travel fulltime? If you are like my family and Unschool, or Roadschool you worry about your children finding friends to play with. We travel fulltime which makes it even harder for kids to find other kids their own age. You may wonder if your children will turn out to be weird or antisocial. My kids biggest complained is the lack of kids at campsites during the school year. Honestly, Continue reading