Zoo Quest at Oregon Zoo

IIMG_4835t is always fun to visit a zoo as our journey takes us across the US.  Today we visited the Oregon Zoo in Portland Oregon.  We actually were staying in Vancouver, WA right across the river mainly because it was cheaper and no one in Oregon had any sites available.

This summer at the Oregon Zoo they started a new program to try to teach children and adults how technology affects the environment and animals.  It is a Quest or Scavenger hunt that is given to you as you enter the park. Using the clues and the zoo map we found all the station locations and earned several of our stamps. The girls lost interest even though they got all the clues right so we just enjoyed the animals.

This zoo was one of the most interactive zoos that we have been to so far.  They are also doing major construction to improve the zoo and animal enclosers.  My favorite animal was a baby elephant that was born a year ago.  Hugs loved the penguins because we learned that all penguins are in the Southern hemisphere but do not live just in Antarctica. When the girl’s grandparents visited South Africa they adopted a penguin for them, MACbelle. Munch loved the Polar Bear because looked really neat while he was laying down and he was huge.

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