Yuko-En on the Elkhorn, The Official Kentucky-Japan Friendship Garden

Kentucky-Japan Friendship GardenWho knew that you could learn about Japanese culture and visit an almost six-acre garden in the middle of ‘horse country’.  There is a huge Japanese influence in Georgetown since the Toyota plant was built in the early 80s.  This Japanese garden is one of the largest public Japanese gardens in the United States and the first such in Kentucky. This serene garden is built along Elkhorn Creek and was co-designed and executed by Steve Austin.

We enjoyed the garden and its landscapes and walked the path around the garden.  Though Jack was not with us at the time the garden is dog friendly.  The girls enjoyed looking at the rock garden and asked if they could go in to play but I thought it better not to disturb its beauty.  The pond has turned green but with a closer look, we were able to see the fish and turtles.

popcornHonestly, there is not a lot to say about the Japanese garden but that it’s a nice place to visit for FREE.  We gave the garden three popcorns out of five because it is sadly rundown.  The pond is green, paths are not taken care of and some of the small buildings need to be updated.  I think it could be someplace very special but it needs a lot of TLC.  It is free to visit and with a phone call, you can get a tour or special event about the Japanese culture.

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