You Unschool and your friends and family don’t approve, How do you deal with them?

You Unschool and your friends and family don’t approve, How do you deal with them? If you have chosen to take the road less traveled and homeschool your child be ready to run into those that do NOT approve. Even harder is the road of a Unschooler or Roadschooler. Trust me I know from experience. So how do you deal with these people? There are three roads you can take and sometimes it depends on the person you are talking to and the hour of the day.


1. Mess with them

This is my all-time favorite way to handle that non-believer, those that think you are ruining your kid’s life. Fist why do they care so much? You didn’t turn out so bad and you went to public or private school for goodness sakes. We love to mess with people, who are way to judgemental and ask far too many questions. This way you give outrageous answers and just wait for a reaction and then you get to laugh about it later.
Example: Some random child says, “So you’re homeschooled, and you just sit around and watch tv all day, right?  Mac answers, “Where do you think I get all my conversation skills, from the TV.”

2. Agree and go on with Life

A lot of time you will run into a complete stranger that ask all sort of questions. They intern want to tell you how to raise your child and make sure you are educating them properly. You may also run into the guy that thinks homeschooling is illegal (Europeans), and they want you tp know you are ruining your child’s life. This person may make ugly comments to your kids, and call them stupid. The best way to handle this person is to ignore them, because no matter what you say they will not believe anything you say and already have their mind made up. I have met these people and its hard to ignore them. I even get to a boiling point and blow up but they are not worth your time.

3. Answer questions honestly

I have many friends and family who can not wrap their brain around what we are doing. They ask questions because they honestly what to know and understand. These people may just want to understand so the best way to answer them honestly, give them examples, and website they can learn more about Roadschooling or Unschooling. A lot of time I just say google Unschooling and tell them to keep an open mind. No, this life and Unschooling will not work for everyone but we love it and that all that matter to me. Remember not everyone doesn’t approve some just don’t understand so always tries to think positive.


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