Watch new Youtube video You might be an Unschooler if

Today we worked on our opening YouTube video, You might be a Unschooler if, for our Unschooling Paradise page. We started off by writing all the things we love about unschooling or homeschooling. Then we went over ideas on what kind of video we wanted to make. The girls came up with thousands of sayings that we could use in our video. We narrowed it down to our favorites and wrote them down on a piece of paper.

We did a little research by finding homeschool videos. I found some really funny YouTube videos. One of our favorites was, blimey cowWe based our video on one of theirs (I hope they don’t mind). A group of college students that give great advice on all sort of things. These homeschooled kids attend college now.  Several of the kids have gotten married.

Here is our last video….ENJOY!!!

Huggs did a little more on her very first acrylic painting class and got the first layer of paint. She was a little upset because the background color was not the same as the teachers. I got her to understand that it doesn’t have tobe the same. She loves the class so far so I think we might add it into our budget. Craftsy has several painting classes you can take for free and paid classes.  They also offer classes on cake decorating, sewing, jewelry, and even photography

Unschooler Art


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