Which is better Grinch book or Grinch movie

Which is better Grinch book or Grinch movie?? It’s a toss-up for me but I love all of them for different reasons. Today the girls and I read the Grinch book, watched the 2D movie and then the live action movie to see the differences, similarities and just to see which one we like the most.

Here is what the girls thought…

Belle made friendship bears necklaces for a couple of her friends and Mac made a heart charm bracelet that we are going to put on the web…

20121204-204059.jpg 20121204-204106.jpg 20121204-204112.jpg 20121204-204125.jpg 20121204-204131.jpg

Last (with daddies help) we made Bobo the robot out of a coke can and a kit that Santa gave us last year. It actually worked when we put it all together.

20121204-204029.jpg 20121204-204036.jpg 20121204-204047.jpg 20121204-204054.jpg

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