When your shell is a home – you might be a hermit crab

Hermit Crabs are one of the most fascinating creatures to a 10 and 8 year old. We decided to have a day at the beach just because it has been so beautiful outside.  The girls played in the water and ran along the beach but had much more fun looking for and finding Hermit Crabs.  We all took turns finding them and taking them to one of the smaller tide pools so they could not get away and we could watch them.  hermit crabThe girls were fascinated by all the different types of shells, how the little ones seem to go much faster than the big ones.  They noticed that some shells were old and had holes in them, and the big ones tried to pinch us when we picked them up unlike the smaller ones who just hid in their shells.  The girls tried to race them but they just kept burrowing into the sand.  Here is a few items I found on Amazon, books and kits to take car of hermit crabs

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We chased baby fish in the tide pools, and we chased the bigger fish but never caught any of them, they are super fast.  We found not one but two horseshoe crabs. The girls were amazed how big the Hermit Crabs were, how barnacles were stuck to one and how two hermit crabs were stuck together.  I was amazed after digging them out how only 10 minutes later they had buried themselves under the wet sand.

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