What Learn To Mod Really Teach Kids Other Than Programming?

Everyone has heard about Minecraft, and if you are an Unschooler you have probably played it more than once. Ok, if you are older than eight and homeschooled, you are probably addicted to the game and have had many conversations with your parents asking if you were going to do anything else today.  So the question is: Is it ok if your child plays Mine Craft all day, every day?

Learn To Mod

The answer you keep reading over and over again is YES! I actually have to agree with them here and encourage my two kids to play this amazing game.  I think it is such a great idea, I bought the beta version (helping programmers find bugs) on Learn To Mod so the girls could learn to program.

So why else am I encouraging the kids to play Minecraft for hours and hours? They are learning Java or block programing which is just like playing Scratch. Their mentor or teacher gives girls an assignment, and shows them a new programming skill, then they have to complete a mod (program function that does something in Minecraft). They are practicing their reading, following directions, learning a new programming skill, corresponding through email with their mentor, and trying different problems till they get it right.  Don’t forget that Minecraft is full of math, geometry, architecture, depth of perspective, creativity, and so much more.

What amazes me is that this little block program that is so simple can teach a child so much.  I say let your kids play and play as much as they want.  You never know they might be the next Markus Persson, Steve Jobs, or Mark Zuckerburg.

Here is a list of places (that we have used) that provide free internet:

  • Starbucks – only 1st hour free
  • Barnes and Noble – good till there are lots of people
  • McDonald’s – is the best so far
  • Library – one to two hours then it kicks you off  but sometimes very slow
  • Home Depot/Lowes – you have to sit in your car – which is hard on kids
  • RV sites – but sometimes it only works at 3 am
  • Truck stops – Pilote/Flying J/Petro/Loves
  • post on Free Wifi locator apps and more

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