What is natural learning or life lead learning?

natural learningWhat is Natural Learning or Life Lead Learning?  It’s learning through their natural life experiences including play, game play, iPad apps, Computer games, library books and DVDs, world experiences, etc.  I am here to encourage people to look past main stream education, open their minds and hearts.  What is natural learning, or unschooling, that’s really hard to describe so I have included some links:

Check this out…. This young man talks about our natural curiosity and desire to learn and that college is not magically going to guarantee us our greatest desires and our dream job. We in many ways hamper our children by forcing them to conform to a particular mold of how society says they should learn instead of helping them to find out what they would love to do in life, we tell them what to do. I hope everyone can view this with an opened mind remembering that our true goal is to help with our children’s choices in what they want to do and not force our choices on them.

“I have never let my Schooling interfere with my education.” – Mark Twain


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