We reviewed Mel Kids New Science Kit and loved it!

We had the awesome opportunity to review the Mel Kids Science kit. We have been using the Mel chemistry kits for years. The company offered to give us a free kit “Mel Kids science kit” for an honest review. Let me start by saying my kids are 15 & 16 years old but love anything science. We looked at the kit with kid eyes and the girls tried to be as honest as possible.

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Our Honest Review

Our review on Mel Kids science kit started by checking out everything included in the kit. The girls loved the kit and thought the comic book was a really fun way to show the directions. As the girls read the comic book, Mac had fun doing different voices for each character. The kids thought the pictures were easy to follow and the end product looked exactly like the picture. We liked that there two boxes in the kit and everything was very organized in its own little bags. After finishing we went over how the science worked and Mac (who loves history) though it was super cool the writers included a little history.

Some negatives about Mel Kids

Honest reviews always have a few negatives. We didn’t find a lot but here are a few we think they could improve on. First, it was hard to know how to read the science comic book. Belle suggested putting a small number in the corner of each frame. We loved the history part but suggested they have more resources to expand on if you like.

Important Info on MEL Kids Science Kit

  • Educational subscription service combining hands-on experiments and AR app to explain the science behind them targeting 5-10 year olds kids
  • The subscription covers a wide range of science topics such as light, sound, static electricity, ballistics, airflow, etc. Children will learn how photo camera, rocket, and jack work, etc.
  • Subscription is $24.95 per month
  • The AR app is available on request

Mel Chemistry Info

For those with older kids check out the Mel Chemistry Set. We have been using it for years and love it also. Over the years the instructions have improved along with videos.

  • Mel Chemistry is for children 10 years and up.
  • Free, comprehensive Starter Kit and VR headset. 2–3 experiments delivered to your door every month.
  • $34.90 a month subscription with 2-3 experiments a month

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