We got our kicks on route 66 in the stone ages and more Roadside fun

route 66 More roadside fun, try to guess what landmarks we got to see.  The first clue is from a very famous movie about cars and the phrase, “Get your kicks on Route 66”.  We drove …..name the city….. to see all the characters in the movie. Actually, we have been having a lot of fun driving through different towns that the movie was based on.  While eating lunch at Route 66 sandwich shop, the cashier told us that her friend’s auto shop was the one they based it on in the movie and most of it was based right here in Williams.  When we visited Seligman they of course told us the same thing. I actually think bits and pieces are taken from every small town that was passed by with the highway. In Seligman, the local ice-cream store most of the characters were present in the back and the owner had a little out-house humor also. The highlight of the day’s trip was being able to do a zipline on route 66 and at the end, the 1959 corvette (best car ever) screeched to a halt.

IMG_3390Next we visited….. on the same famous highway a family from long ago and here is another phrase  …. “Yabba Dabba Doo”… One of my favorite cartoons as a kid.  Sad that this was a little run-down but with a little paint I think it could make a comeback.  The kids have never seen the cartoon but had a lot of fun running around looking at the different houses, and characters and could almost imagine living in the stone age with them. Rubber Ducky got to practice his photography this time and I think both he and Munchy are getting pretty good.

As we drove out of the parking lot we saw old cars across the street and decided to stop and check them out.  The store was huge and had everything from route 66, coca-cola, cowboy boots and hats, Indian jewelry, and even stuff for hiking in the Grand Canyon.  We were told by this cashier that the Flintstone RV park and the playground were up for sale and the man who owned almost the whole town had been trying to buy them for years. This time Munchy had fun taking pictures of old cars and the motorcycle.  I think hanging out with her grandparents has been a huge influence on her.

Our Last Roadside fun was in …. guess the town…. it is a very well know fast food restaurant.  This famous restaurant has the only green-colored one of these in the world.  Guess the restaurant and the town.

Here are all the answers:

  • Cars” on Route 66 in Seligman
  • Flintstones” in Valle AZ
  • McDonald’s in Sedona AZ – it really is the only one that has green arches in the whole world

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