Magic School Bus -Water experiments

20130104-180552.jpgToday we had fun with a friend who came to spend the night. We decided to do water experiments from our Magic School Bus kits. Rylee wanted to do experiments about water.

Water Experiments 1- 3 ….

were to see if an item would sink or float. Each girl had to pick 2 items they thought would sink and 2 items they thought would float.

The 4th water experiment was to see if 4 different substances would mix with water
They were:
Blue food coloring

The last experiment was to see if colors would walk up choreography paper. What was supposed to happen is the primary color were supposed to go up real fast and the secondary colors were supposed to travel slow and separate into their primary colors. It honestly didn’t work that we’ll but I think they got the idea. Then the final experiment was to put black on paper and watch it separate into all the colors which didn’t work at all, so we didn’t even film it.

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2 thoughts on “Magic School Bus -Water experiments

  1. Cool. Can they figure out why it might not have worked? Often times it’s even more valuable to figure out why something didn’t work than to see that it did!