Visiting The Airstream Factory Tour in Jackson Center, Ohio

AI cannot tell you how excited we were to take the Airstream Factory Tour in Jackson Center, Ohio. Not Because it is one of the oldest and best-built RVs on the market. The main reason is that they look so cool and we have always wanted one. I honestly don’t know if we could full-time in an Airstream but if one was given to us I would figure out to make it work.

img_4643Imagine an airplane on wheels with a sleek, lightweight frame that you can pull with a bicycle. Now fast forward to today’s models and you still have the sleek design, that lightweight but comes light years ahead. I love that they have unique designs of storage space and multi-use furniture.

Airstream Factory Tour

img_4646Our tour started with a walk to the first several models Mr. Bill made. We began our tour by watching how they from the airplane sheet metal into place and make the furniture and smaller components. We then moved forward to the installation, electrical, and some plumbing. It surprised us to see that they put the tanks on the chassis upside down, turned them over then the main part bolted to the frame. Lastly, we became disappointed in the cleanliness of the factory and disappointed that no efforts were being made to go green.

img_4644Our Rating

We only gave this tour five popcorn out of ten popcorns because of the cleanliness of the factory. The girls found it very hard to hear, and what our guide told us about the factory. We did find out that if you order an airstream you can come to watch it being built and take as many pictures as you like. There was one couple that got to do just that.

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