Visit the hidden gem of Florida: Emerald Coast Wildlife Zoological Park

The Emerald Coast Wildlife Zoological Park may be one of the best-hidden gems in Florida. This park is smaller than some zoos but cleaner than most. The care to rehabilitate these animals is evident throughout the park. This animal park is filled with native wildlife and exotic animals all with their own story of why they were abandoned or abused.

IMG_1060_1024We started our exploration by feeding the farm animals, and the girls also got to pet and talk to the cute little creatures. Some talked to us and begged for food, while others mussels their way to the front of the line to get as many treats as possible. Next, we made our way to the lemurs, sloths, monkeys, and black bears and stopped at the big cat area.

IMG_1069_1024Twice a day there are animal talks on the big cats that not only tell their story but work with the animals to keep them active, give the animals extra snacks (if they want them), and show off some talents they have learned. We got to see all three cats stand on their hind legs, do several tricks and show off their personalities. They also do talk about the black bear (which we missed) and the red monkeys (which are adorable).

popcornWe gave the Emerald Coast Wildlife Zoological Park three and a half popcorn out of five popcorns. We wished there were more shady places for each animal, signs that gave some facts about each animal, and a little about their stories of why they were rescued. IMG_1078_1024Also, we wished they had a water fountain or a way to buy drinks. The price was $8 for adults and for kids, 2-10 was $5 per person. I didn’t mind driving 8 miles out-of-town but I hope they make some more signs to let others know where they are located. Everything takes time and money.

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