Unschool Adventure: How Ursula escaped from a volcano


Our Unschool adventure was all about volcanoes. We started off by imagining that Ursula escaped from a Volcano called Ursula jail or Erta Ale, located near the red sea. That’s the first thing Munchy said when I read the name of the volcano.

Our science packet came from magic school bus on volcanoes. So Rubber Ducky thought the girls should do a little report before we jumped into the science stuff. The girls watched magic school bus on volcanoes, looked up facts on the Internet and then did video. Munchy’s was a news report about how Ursula escaped and incorporated her facts into the video – really funny. Belle did a great job on her facts with a little help from Mom.


Camping indoors is the best kind of camping…. No bugs, rain, wind, large meat eating animals, it’s not too hot or too cold, and there is a real potty. The best part of camping indoors in there are NO BUGS, and it’s fun!!!!!!

We put up our small 2 man (2 little girl) tent up in the living room. The girls love it so much they have slept in it every night this week and plan on having a sleep over and adding another little girl to the mix. I don’t know if I will ever get them to sleep in there rooms again. Plus side to all this, there rooms have been very clean this week.

Unschool Adventure #2 …. Learn how to put up a tent…

First step get the instructions, get frustrated with your spouse….
Let the kids help you put the poles together as they jump and down from excitement…
Lay out the fabric for the tent and insert the poles….
Easy little tent that the girls are loving…


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