Unschooling History and Science on moving day

Who knew you could have a history lesson at the rest stop, along the way to your next destination.  On moving days I usually don’t worry about any kind of learning because it is just too hard to make plans or help the kids do anything while we are in the car.  So they usually read, listen to music, play games (hopefully some educational) and sleep.

Since we have been traveling full-time I have learned to look for historical markers at each rest stop.  We stop now more than ever because Jack (our 8-year-old dog) has not been feeling well.

Today we learned about:

  1. Chief Plenty Coupe – on his marker it talked about how the crazy mountains were named so because of crazy women (they called the mountains Crazy Women Mountains).  She escaped from her party and when they found her she was just crazy. We also learned that he had a vision upon these mountains that the Crow people should get along with the white man because they will all be destroyed if they don’t. We did destroy them and force them into a very small area but lives were lost in the meantime.
  2. Bozeman Trail– He was herding texas longhorn up to Montana for the gold miners.  He was killed by Indians who originally thought they were Crow Indians but turned out to be Blackhawk Indians. The town of Bozeman and the trail is named after him. They avoided toll roads, thieves, Indians, and taxes.
  3. Dinosaurs – Montana is known for the dinosaurs that used to walk this territory and there are several museums dedicated to them. This plaque talked about the largest dinosaur found in this region and how once again the juveniles got stuck in the mud.

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