First steps start Unschooling Highschool

Unschooling highschool is easier than you think.  There are really only three steps to get started on the easiest year of your life.  Have the kids set goals, make a budget and finally submit your intent to homeschool form.

Many homeschoolers have rules and regulations on how you should homeschool your children. My main rule is to have fun and enjoy the time you have with your kids; life is way too short.  I don’t follow all the rules most traditional homeschoolers follow, like standing up in front of the class with a chalkboard, making them do workbook sheets, giving them reading assignments, write boring essays.  I am not a teacher or educator, and people have told me that I am terrible at grammar and spelling. So fair warning if it drives you to nut go ahead and stop reading. I am dyslexic and have always struggled with that stuff. I just like sharing my thought so it won’t hurt my feeling.  I am here to help others find the easy way to homeschool and document my kid’s progress.

Here is little history about my crazy family.  I have been Unschooling my girls (15, and almost 14 now) for 13 years.  So I kind of think of my self as an expert (I have no idea what I am doing), but I wing Unschooling on a daily basis.  We traveled for four years in an RV (5th wheel) and visited 42 states (best four years of my life).  Now we are back in my hometown working for my family business.

First Steps to Unschooling Highschool
  • Print your intent to homeschool form – this may be different for each state. I keep a copy in my purse because there are lots of places that give discounts to teachers.
  • Set a budget for homeschool classes
  • Kids should come up with their goals ( we do our goals till Christmas)
Easy so far, right?

Remember there are 50 states with 50 different laws and rules for homeschooling.  The best advice is to google your state laws or click here.  Most states you only need an intent to homeschool form, keep track of the number of days you do school, teach main subjects like math, English literature, and take the standard test every 2-3 years.  Beyond that ask an expert (NOT ME).

Our goals for the first part of the year

Belle and Mac”s goals:

< >

The budget I set for our Unschool classes

When Unschooling Highschool budgets may vary from year to year depending on what classes the girls want to take. Honestly, we pay very little compared to a traditional homeschool or normal school children.  Here the breakdown for the next six months:

Don’t worry I can add – I always round up just in case something else fun comes up that we might like to do.

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Follow our crazy journey across America as we visit roadside oddities, historical land marks and beautiful landscapes. I have ton of ideas and review educational products that will help you get the most on your home school adventure. We are an Unschool family that believes the world is our classroom and is teaching our children to self direct their education to a better future.

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