Put on your goggle and flying cap and see how we Unschool history and science

The hardest part for parents to grasp when they are first start Unschooling is how do I teach all the subjects? How do I Unschool history and science without a degree? First let me start by saying that with a child lead learning environment or Unschooling this part is actually easy.  Let your kids lead the way and you are there to just push or guide your children to learn a little about everything.  I like to find neat museums (historic, science or art), national parks, state parks, or even take a class at our local community center and learn a new skill.  The point is make learning fun, find out what your kids like, have them try everything, do thing you enjoy and they will enjoy it also (because they are spending time with you). To succeed in life is not just about what you learn in a book but how you can interact with the world and people around you.

img_0908With all that said we had a blast at the Museum of Aviation in Macon, Georgia. The kids, hubby and I learned more about World War II, Vietnam war, and Korean War.  We learned about the pilots, engineers, mechanics and nurses that were heroes, about every day life during the wars, and what it was like to be shot at. There was a lot of reading in the first two building but the third building was very interactive. img_0948 The girls learned about the Medal of Honor, POW, MIA, Tuskegee Airmen, and Robins Airfare base (its role then and now). We watched a movie on a local Macon hero, General Robert L. Scott.

We had fun looking at how the planes developed, became stealthier and more aerodynamic.  img_0923
The kids got to sit in several cockpits and try out the controls, as I explained what each instrument did (I am instrument rated to fly an airplane).  In the third building we got to ask one of the volunteers about the airplanes they are currently rebuilding, B-17.  Huggs was especially excited to see women pilots in the Aviation Hall of fame.

popcornWe gave the Museum of Aviation four out of five popcorns.  The best part is that it is FREE to everyone and the museum is run by volunteers, donations, and some city money.  The girls wished that it was more interactive because reading everything does get boring, but the third building made up for it.  img_0959There are cafeteria and a picnic area if you would like to bring your lunch, and lots of shopping and restaurants right down the street, like Dairy Queen. They also offer a STEAM program for homeschool kids and summer camps.

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