Unschooling advice 113: How will I socialize my homeschool child?

We get this question more than any other.  I secretly laugh a little on the inside when people say, “How do you socialize your children?”.  If my child can speak to you intelligently, then they are socialized.

Is Socialization possible

Socialization, is one of the most significant concerns parents have when deciding to homeschool. Will your child be able to play with others? Can they hold an intelligent conversation, or will they be weird or awkward?  News flash, some kids that go to “normal” or regular school are funny, awkward and can’t hold an intelligent conversation.  It has to do with the child’s upbringing and how the parent’s act.

My husband and I are outgoing people, talk to everyone, and say hi to anyone that looks in my direction. Therefore, my kids have watched my good and bad behavior and like us (their parents) and copied it. They love what we love, and are friendly to everyone no matter race, age, weirdness, or social background (even those “normal” kids).

My advice to socialize

My advice, if you are concerned, take them to lots of social events. Join a sports group, go to the playground, participate in co-op classes or join a club. Send them to camps, do activities with friends, and let them spend the night with family.  I make myself get out of my comfort zone and talk to people I would never usually.

By the way, in normal, private or public school kids aren’t allowed to socialize and talk during class. Above all, schooled children only socialize with kids their age and taught not to give younger children the time day. Older kids might beat you up, so, steer clear. Homeschool kids come in contact with all ages. As a result, children half your size might be the smartest kids in class. Co-ops classes and homeschool clubs have kids of all ages. The best part of homeschooling: encouraging kids to speak up, ask questions and have fun.

Is socialized possible?

Will your kid be unsocialized? That all depends on you. The girls have grown into well adjusted, independent, will speak their minds, disagreeable some days, typical teenagers. The difference is I love hanging out with them. Shhh, don’t tell them that they might get a big head.

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