A typical Unschoolers Week: All the Boring Stuff Behind the Scene

This is a little introduction to our somewhat exciting life of an Unschooler.  I normally try to post tips on Unschooling, Frequently Asked Questions, and projects that you can do with your kids. Today I wanted to talk about behind the scene stuff and well, honestly, it is a little boring.  These are things we do every day or every week, A typical Unschoolers week, that I just don’t write about because I fear you would never come back to this blog because I would put you to sleep (my eyes are drooping as I am writing this).

Khan Academy's New AppWe try to do math every day. Most of the time the girls end up playing on an app, which I have also included some of our favorites below, and Khan Academy.  The girls have decided that they want 50% of their current grade level done by the end of February.  They are doing two to four modules a day to earn 2% a day so they should make their goal.

  • Dragon box/Dragon shapes (Lumio – has a lot)
  • Fresh Pick
  • Owl 5th and 6th-grade math
  • Gravity Guy HD
  • Flow Free
  • Hands-on Equation
  • Long Division
  • Khan Academy
  • Math Heros
  • G5Geometry

unschool scienceWe have done lots of science activities, and I think the girls are enjoying them.  I would like to enroll them in more classes as they get older at the local college, but that is a couple of years away. Here are some of my favorite science activities.


fort pulaskiThe hubby and I have taken the girls to lots of historic places around Savannah, GA.  It amazes me how much history is here right in our hometown, but Savannah is one of the oldest cities in the US.  Fort Pulaski and Night at the Museum have been a few of our favorite activities.

Computer Science

The girls are taking a college course, Learn to Mod, learning to use Java or Blocky programming, and making mods they can use in Minecraft.  This has been a challenge because they do get frustrated and I can’t help them, or they really don’t want my help.  I think it is amazing they are getting this opportunity, and they have learned a lot.  The jobs our kids will be doing have not been thought up yet, so it is great to give kids a head start on potential jobs for the future.

polymer clay pens for sale

Hugs is working on making a whole clan of minions, jewelry, fairy doors, and clay charms.  We both take a class by the Polymer Clay Tutor who once a week has helpful tips and show how to make really cool jewelry and fun things out of clay.  Munchy has been working on her archery and is getting pretty good.

Reading/Language Arts

We read every day, and I have included below some of the books we have read over the past few months.  Munchy is working on her blog every day and Hugs is doing some creative writing. Getting the girls to do this is a huge challenge, so I am getting some outside help (yes, Unschoolers can do this; really it is ok). She is going to help the girls once a week. I am super excited!!

Book List
  • “Cooking the Italian Way” by Alphonse Bisognano
  • “The Baking Book” by Jane Bull
  • “Nature’s Children: Bats”
  • “Prairie Dogs”
  • “Knights: Warriors of the Middle Ages” by Aileen Weintraub
  • “Woolly Mammoth Journey”
  • “When the Wolves Return: Restoring Nature’s Balance in Yellowstone”
  • “Star Wars Origami”
  • “Bears: A Visual Introduction to Bears”
  • “How to Train Your Dragon” books 1-10 (We are now reading book 11.)
  • “Harry Potter” books 1-6 (We are now reading book 7.)
  • “The Never Girls” (Disney) books 1-5
  • “Ever After High” books 1-2
  • “Alice in Wonderland”

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