Unschooled snow day learn while playing

Snow is a wondrous thing even if you are 95 and haven’t seen it since your youth.  We love snow and I know most Northern see it all the time and think it’s boring by mid-March, next time just think back to those younger years.  My two girls have only seen snow two times in their whole life, and that was last year at Bottomless Lake in New Mexico and at Diamond Lake Oregon in June. My two little Georgia peaches were terribly excited when it snowed here in Texas the night we arrived.

IMG_7111We are actually on our way to my hubby’s RV Inspection class, where he will take two five-day courses to learn about RVs from NRVIA.  We gave ourselves plenty of time to get here but after looking at the weather decided to make one really long driving day (11 hours) and get here before the bad weather hit.

Unschooled snow dayKeep in mind that my kids don’t know how to make a proper snowman (mind-blowing) and have never had a proper snow fight.  Our day started off pretty lazy because we were all exhausted, I opened the windows and let the girls do a triple take to see that the ground was the wrong color (white), so funny.  After Hugs went and jumped on her sister with excitement they went outside just to touch the stuff.  We took pictures and then ate breakfast. I wanted to let the snowmelt a bit so it would get a sticker.

We of course tried making snowballs early that morning (8 am) with no luck.  After breakfast and putting on about 10 layers of clothes (we don’t have snow gear) the girls went out to explore.  I followed with my trusty camera phone and we had a blast. We started off with a snow fight and then snow angels.  They made a small 2-foot snowman, more snow angels, rolling down hills, and they must have eaten a gallon of snow. I showed them how to make a proper snowman about the size of Hugs, which turned into snow thrown and took two days to melt.

All those winters with my Nebraska cousins paid off (thanks mom and dad), you guys taught this little GA peach a lot and now I am getting to pass it on.

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