Unschool survival skill: learning how to gut a fish at Brooks Lake

To be honest with everyone, I know absolutely nothing about fishing, what kind of reel you should use and especially how to gut a fish.   I honestly really have no desire to learn how to kill and gut any animal, and I like the idea that food magically ends up in the grocery store and no animals were hurt before I eat them (Chrissie land is wonderful place, LOL).  I do however want the girls to learn how to at least learn how to gut a fish, so if we are ever in a survival situation they can gut mine, I like to dream a lot!

Brooks LakeSince hubby and I know very little about fishing we got our good friends, Wanda and Terry, to show us the proper way to fish.  Books Lake is one of those beautiful places that you have to visit but keep in mind a deer, moose, rabbits or even a bear might come watch while you are fishing.  It is of course a great place to hike and even more fun to get out on the lake and fish.

Brooks LakeWe found a great spot to start throwing our casting line but didn’t catch anything so we moved around the lake.  By the time we were finished each girl had caught two fish each and were extremely excited.  No other animals came to visit this time but we have heard of other people (the day before) seeing a mama black bear and cubs and a moose.

Brooks LakeIMG_8298After catching our fish and taking lots of pictures the men went down to the river to gutted it.  Hubby had never done this before so it was very exciting to watch.  One of the fish had millions of eggs and the girls felt kind of bad.  The best part was getting home and frying the fish and eating them.  The best meal we have had since we’ve been in Wyoming.

Brooks LakeFishing and gutting fish is pretty basic and I think most people can figure it out. All you need is a sharp knife to cut the fish from navel to head, then tear the guts out.  Then clean everything by rinsing in the river and throw the guts so they flow down river. To cook the fish we made a fire, and put enough oil to cover half the fish in a skillet.  Cook the fish till it white and then flip, and season to taste. ENJOY!

Brooks LakeYes, that is snow on the ground, we actually did this the first week in June but since the internet is so awesome here (3G and 2 bars on a good day) I never got around to posting it.  We have fished several times since this post but I don’t think we are ready to go professional, Yet!  Oh yea and this lake is over 9,250 feet.

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  1. Cought some fish!!! Rainbow trout? Now you just need a boat. Seriously though should look into glen-l.com stitch and glue boat plans, very little tools required and can put together outside under the awning. Kids could build their own 6′ rowboat or kayaks. It’s within the kids skill level(with a little help from the parents of course)