Unschool Question: Should you homeschool all year or take the summer off

I have asked myself this very question many times. Should you homeschool all year or should you take the summer off? Honestly, you should do what ever works best for your family. Our family does school all year but we relax a little during the summer.

Should you homeschool all year or take the summer off

Review Unschool Math CurriculumRelaxing to us mean we might not do math for a month or when we finish reading a book series we might take some time off to relax. This summer we are taking a couple of months off from doing Life of Fred since we are ahead and have flown through the first few books that we have read. We will still go to zoos, science and technology museums, state and national parks, historical touch-type-read-and-spell_slide01_404bsites and roadside attractions. We have random “do nothing days” which basically consist of: morning chores, TTRS (Touch typing Read and Spell) which takes 5 minutes, and read a chapter or two of our favorite book. If the girls do their morning chores then they can do what ever they want all day. That means they can wear pajamas, play games on their phones, watch TV or movies.

Should you homeschool all yearLately the kids have made clothes for their dolls, or made doll furniture. Munchy goes outside to ride her rip stick, learning how to fence with practice swords, or practice shooting her bow and arrow. Huggs may play with her Lego’s for hours and sometimes talks her sister into playing with her. The funny thing is they are still learning even though they are doing nothing. They are doing math, fashion, graphic design, concept art, making jewelry, reading, writing and so much more.


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