Homeschool Kit for every subject for ages K – 9th grade

From time to time I like to give items for you a Homeschool Kit for every subject  that you can use in your homeschool classroom.  When your first starting out on your Unschool journey or if things are getting a little stale with the kids these items came in handy to get them on the right track.  No matter if you Unschool, homeschool or send your kids to “normal school” you can use these items to make education and learning fun.


The whole family loves playing American Trivia this game and learning a little history too.  My husband is a huge history buff so the kids love it when they get the answers right and beat their dad from time to time.  The girls even take this in the car on travel days to play and learn about American history.  They, especially like that one side, has easy questions and the other side more challenging questions. Ages 9+


Become a wizard-like Harry Potter by doing fun and interactive science.  This kit is great for the budding scientist and has nine activities that will keep your children entertained for hours.  My two kids loved playing with the Magic Science Kit and making Wizard Wand, Magic Hat, Fizzy Frenzy, Hocus Pocus Powder, Test Tube Crystal Ball, Glow in the Dark Bubbling Potion and so much more.  See some of our magic science here

Language Arts

touch-type-read-and-spell_slide01_404bWe love TTRS (Touch Type Read Spell) and is a great tool for teaching children from 2nd grade through 9th grade and even adults how to improve their reading and spelling skills.  This program uses multi-sensory skills and is especially useful for those with dyslexia.  My youngest is dyslexic and has improved her reading by 200% since we started using this program.  Click here for more details on this amazing program.


Finding a math curriculum is sometimes hard at least one that your child will enjoy and understand.  We have found Life of Fred books is one of our favorites.  Not only do you not need the internet but Fred is very good at explaining math concepts to kids and adults.  The series starts with Kindergarten and goes through college-level math and economics.  Check out my review on our two favorite math curricula hereKhan Academy and Life of Fred Elementary and Life of Fred high middle school and Life of Fred High School


This is one of my favorite ways for kids to learn about USA Edition or the world. Kids get an adventure kit once a month in the mail. Discover the USA or World Edition with monthly activities, games, science experiments & more! They also have an opportunity to get online and play games and learn about the world or the USA by interacting with Sophia and Sam.

Foreign Language

This is by far the best tool for learning a foreign language along with a few apps for your phone. My daughters have decided they want to learn a foreign language this year because they want to travel to those cities.  You will learn to read, write, and speak the native language, and build upon a foundation of key French vocabulary, words, and phrases. We like Rosetta Stone because you don’t need the internet to learn which is great for those that travel full time.

Craft and Art

My oldest daughter has just started taking sewing classes online and loves Craftsy online classes. She started with this course: Learn to Sew: Pajama Pants and found it amazingly easy to follow and fun to do. Fashion has become one of her passions as well as photography. My youngest daughter loves painting and drawing and we were amazed at how many classes were offered through Craftsy


Every child needs a computer to get access to the internet, do their school work, and login into Minecraft.  My kids love their surface 3 notebooks because it has a removable keyboard and a pen.  They can turn it into a tablet by removing the keyboard and they love using the pen to play with the paint program that comes with the computer. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (256 GB, 8 GB RAM, Intel Core i5)

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