Unschool Class at Yellowstone

The best thing about traveling fulltime is getting to see places like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Disney. We love the adventure of getting their and stopping at all the roadside attractions along the way.

Unschool Class at YellowstoneToday adventure was Unschool class at Yellowstone. What could be more fun than driving around and looking at amazing views, looking for wild animals and watching people.  Today we didn’t follow a curriculum or plan out any activities but drove all over Yellowstone and when we saw something we liked, well we stopped. We read the historical signs, took lots pictures and had lots discussions. We saw bison, squirrels, a moose, long horn antelope, and even a black bear.
We had fun looking for Forest Fin’s treasure. Unschool Class at YellowstoneWe have been studying his poem ever since we got to this area. With the clues we deciphered we came up with a location. After checking it out our first location, getting very wet, checking out our second and third locations we headed home. Though we didn’t find the treasure this time. We still haven’t given up.
This is one of many times we have visited Yellowstone and the Grand Terons ( which in French means boobs). Funny story: Every time this summer a French person came through the Dubois KOA and discussed the Tetons, well you can imagine the laughter. On our many exertions we visited Lamar Valley, old Faithful, West thumb, Grant Village, and Mammoth Hot Springs and all the turn off in-between.

We had fun on our many hikes, getting lost or thinking we were lost, and visiting the visitor centers at every major stops in the park. If you are into to following a curriculum or want the kids to do a project, which is totally fine as an Unschooler (we do it just to shake things up every so often) check out the Jr Ranger Programs and Yellowstone Educational Programs.  Most people will tell you to stay in the middle of the park, for at least a week but we found that the KOA in Dubois is only 80 miles from the park and a great base point.  Just be prepared to drive a lot no matter where you stay but you can get to the far east corner in a couple hours, do a lot of site see and be home by dark. Best park if you are a Fulltime Family member your kids can stay for Free and they have a heated pool, lots of summer activities (square dancing and rodeo) to entertain you on your days off from the park.

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