Unfortunate Circumstances; Our Dreams Have Been Put on Hold

Sometimes your life throws you punches and you have to take it, stand tall, and just deal with what comes. I know I just made an announcement that we were going to keep traveling and living on the road in our 300-square-foot home on wheels. Unfortunately, our renters moved out unexpectedly, and, without a money tree in the RV, we now have a home that needs a lot of TLC. This doesn’t mean we will stop traveling altogether, but we now have to have a home base.  While we no longer will continuously Roadschool, we still plan to Unschool and look for unique ways to learn. 

Unfortunate CircumstancesLet me start off by saying that anyone can do this: live full time in an RV. Roadschooling can be done if you have a firm and realistic hold on your finances.  Once you know how much you have in resources, you can plan a budget and stick to it.  Maybe your Roadschooling will mean only one trip every few months or only going to places within a day’s drive.  Consider all resources including cash, places to stay (tent? camper? sleeping on the floors of friends/relatives?), food and personal supplies, and any medical needs.  If Roadschooling can’t happen given your resources, keep in mind that Unschooling can and does happen everywhere that families work together to live life joyfully and inquisitively rather than giving in to what others say is best.

Here is how we spent our last two weeks on the road:

Unfortunate CircumstancesWe left Tiki Island, Texas which was a beautiful little island about 30 minutes from Houston, and then drove to New Orleans. New Orleans is one of our all-time favorite places, including Cafe Du Monde because of that good Southern hospitality, the people, and the food. This amazing town is dripping with history, life, good jazz, and great people-watching (which is so much fun!). We of course got our beignets to fix not once but three times and decided to buy two boxes from Cafe Du Monde to take home with us. I plan on running in the house, putting it on the counter, running back out, and then going in and pretending that the house-elves left us gifts. Yep, that’s how we roll.

Unfortunate CircumstancesA LONG thirteen-hour drive took us to our last destination, St. Augustine, the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement. This city is in our top five because again it fueled our tummies.  The hippo popsicle is one of our all-time favorites of its unique flavors and healthy yummy-ness. We love going into all the shops and walking up and down the historic neighborhood.  It was a nice ending to our amazing adventure which started here…. right here.

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Follow our crazy journey across America as we visit roadside oddities, historical land marks and beautiful landscapes. I have ton of ideas and review educational products that will help you get the most on your home school adventure. We are an Unschool family that believes the world is our classroom and is teaching our children to self direct their education to a better future.

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