Two Museum in New Market filled with history on the Civil War

New Market is full of history, Civil War, that shaped this country and the people within.  We visited New Market, Virginia where one would think not much happen in the past.  To our amazement, we watched a movie that told how many young brave soldiers lost their shoes and their lives.  New Market is dripping with history, of a battle between Union and Confederate soldiers in the Civil War.

New Market Battlefield and Virginia Museum of the Civil War that you can learn about the battle. Both museums are pretty expensive at $44 for New Market and $30 for Virginia Museum which included a military discount. New Market is privately owned and where the battle started. Virginia Museum is owned by the state and where most of the fighting took place at Bushong family farm.

New Market Battlefield Museum

img_2657.jpgNew Market Battlefield Museum is filled with artifacts not only on the Civil War and the battle at New Market. We also saw artifacts from WWI, Native Americans, and money from around the US. We learned about the founding fathers and how they played a part in the wars and were amazed at the toys kids played with through the years. The gift shop has a whole room decade to antique guns and weapons that you can purchase. Outside you can walk the grounds of where the men began fighting and learn about the wounded, killed, and missing.

Virginia Museum of the Civil War

img_2685.jpgVirginia Museum of the Civil War, state-run, is massive compared to the first museum.  We started with a 45-minute museum, which was a detail of battle of New Market. It showed the hardship, life and pain the soldiers went through during the war.  Be advised that it may not be suitable for young children and seemed a little long for my taste. There is not much in the museum but they are working on a small interactive area, open next year.  The self-guided tour was interesting and beautiful landscape with lots of butterflies. You also have the opportunity to walk under the freeway and where much of the fighting took place. The field of lost shoes and the battle around the Bushong Farm was interesting to see first hand.

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Popcorn Rating

popcornWe gave the museum seven to eight popcorns.  I was a little disappointed at how expensive they were but we learned a lot about the Civil War.  We thought the New Market Battlefield Museum was a little better than the Virginia Museum and offered more artifacts to enjoy. You are mostly paying for the movie at the Virginia Museum of the Civil War but once the displays are done it should improve the museum.

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