Tucson Rodeo rip-roaring fun for the whole family

IMG_3151Cowboys hang on tight at the Tucson Rodeo for some rip-roaring fun for the whole family.  We had a blast whooping and hollering for the cowboys and cowgirls as they held on tight to bucking horses, and bucking bulls. We watched kids lasso baby sheep, men lasso cows, and women make their way around barrels.  This rodeo is one of the biggest in the US and Canada and had world champions competing in all the events. There where venders selling everything from Animal hide rugs, cowboy hats and boots, and food and even solar panels.

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This was mine and the girls first Rodeo and we had so much fun.  The girls had never seen a rodeo and had no idea what to expect, so it was especially fun for them. There favorite event was watching the girls jump off their horses and rassel a baby sheep to the ground and tie it up for the best time.  They got so excited that we bought lasso for the girls and they have been practing lassoing their bikes.

After lunch we made a fruit snowman from all the fruit trees around our camper.  The girls IMG_3165brought them back the fruit after a bike ride and Huggs announcement that we were making a snowman.  He is made from a lime, lemon, orange, and a grapefruit with rocks eyes and a flower nose.

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