How Unschoolers made tooth fairy fun and teachable

How Unschoolers made tooth fairy fun and teachable. Tooth Fairy for an Unschooler is different than most kids. Being an Unschooler makes every event or activity become a teachable one. We always make it fun and try to learn something.

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Belle was so excited about losing her first tooth she began asking lots of questions about the Tooth Fairy. We made today fairy day in honor of her lost tooth. The girls watched four movies that had fairies.

We started with Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Tinker Bell, and the Lost Treasure, and ended with Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue. Belle and Mac made fairies out of flowers read about fairies and even guessed what kind of fairy we would be. They played Lego games with fairies.

Belle Fairy questions:

Where do fairies live?
What do they do all day?
Will I ever see one?
Are there boy fairies and do they call them faires or something else?

Lost Tooth

I have never seen a child so happy and excited about losing her first tooth. Isabelle wrote three notes to the Tooth Fairy and drew a picture, and man did it pay off. She received money and a toy from Merry Gold.

We rode Scooter and made mini brownies.

Since the girls had done nothing but fairy stuff for the past couple days they decided they needed a break. We went for a ride on our scooters around the black and then Belle made mini Brownies.

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