Hershey Pennsylvania learning about all things chocolate 

Honestly, if you are staying an hour from Hershey Pennsylvania you have to visit the World of Hershey.  I mean really, who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate is one of my favorite foods, desserts, snacks, and well the best thing on earth.

Sadly, Hershey Pennsylvania doesn’t smell like chocolate anymore, but 10 years ago as you entered the city you could smell that sweet odor penetrating the town. They recently, 2010, opened a new state of the art factory, computer-controlled manufacturing process. No one gets to see the fancy new factory unless you have a special invitation.  The new plant will still continue Hershey’s tradition of using fresh milk for the chocolate making process.


Chocolate Tour

img_3469The World of Hershey tour started with a 10-minute tram ride through parts of the old factory.  This tour had singing cows, animated chocolate kisses, and Reese Peanut butter cups to tell the story of how chocolate is made.  The short walk to the tram told about Mr. Hershey hardships and perseverance through the depression. The Hershey factory is one of the largest employers in the area. The best part of the tour was spending time with our grandparent and my brother who flew all the way from France to spend time with us. 


img_3484The girls favorite part of the tour was checking out all the different candies.  We gave this tour 10 out of 10 popcorns . The tour is FREE and you receive a free chocolate at the end of the ride.  We had fun looking at all the different chocolate and candies Hershey makes. 

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