The Ultimate Homeschool Survey for the movie Class Dismissed

ultimate homeschool surveyDo you homeschool? The thought of homeschooling? You could be part of something great.  The movie “Class Dismissed” is about a family that decides to take the road less traveled. It follows the family as they try several different homeschool styles with their children.  The producers of the movie are offering an Ultimate Homeschool Survey.  The survey is for families that are homeschooling or wish to homeschool.  Click here to watch the movie.

Class Dismissed

The ultimate homeschool survey is only 23 questions and all information will remain anonymous.  They will not be asking for your name or email. Even though the film is done filming and you can buy it on Amazon or rent it on VHX we would still like your feedback.  This is an amazing film that shows the awesome side of homeschooling and shows many different ways to teach or help your children learn.

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