The Top Three Unschooling Rules from Unschooling Paradise

More parents are turning to home schooling to gain control over their children’s education.  The public education system has been the norm for generations but in the past few decades more issues have arisen that is making parents second guess who is teaching their children, and what they are learning. Before embarking on a home schooling venture there are unschooling rules that every parent should consider, to offer the best education possible for growing minds.  These unschooling rules include:

1.  Let your Kids Decide what they want to Learn

Children are so much smarter than adults give them credit for and from a young age kids can already identify their strengths and limitations.  The interests that young kids have can be nurtured into a study topic that can result in the best career choice possible for the future.   When children choose their own areas of interest for study they become more excited about the material and pay attention to their lessons.

Furthermore, allowing children to choose their topics offers a higher level of responsibility than their publicly schooled peers.  This assists with raising children that are great decision makers, more mature than their peers and happy with their schooling.  In fact, this creates a high level of motivation and self-satisfaction overall.

2.  Let Children Sleep

Many adults will look back at their grade school years and remember being very tired and this causing stress and lower test scores in school.  Children need, in some cases, up to twelve hours of sleep and with the early start in the traditional school setting, many do not even receive eight.  The growing mind must have adequate levels of rest and reduced stress at all times.  The benefit of home schooling is that the day does not have to end at three o’clock.  Children can feel free to get rest, start later and work on their assignments later in the day.  There are a number of home schooled children that work more days and hours per week than their peers and still get a good night’s sleep.

3.  Make Everything a Learning Experience

Home schooling provides the opportunity to make every day a learning experience.  A family outing could be considered a field trip and visiting the zoo or a nature reserve can be a rich and enlightening educational experience.  Even while families are out grocery shopping or at a restaurant, children can be asked questions about their assignments, work on homework or ask questions about the topics they are developing an interest in.  When children are surrounded by education they are constantly learning and thriving at the topics that interest them most.  Children also feel comfortable asking their parents any question and develop a bond when their parents answer their inquiries and support their educational journey at every step of the way.

These are three unschooling rules that assist parents with taking their children’s education in their own hands.