Ten improvements to our camper that I couldn’t live without

Our family has traveled full-time in an RV for almost three years, this October 2016. We have made several changes over time but check out these six improvements to our camper. Most of these items I have bought on Amazon but every so often you can find them at a Camping World, RV store, Wal-Mart, or Target.

Portable Ice Maker

improvements to our camperIMG_2273I cannot tell you how much I love my ice maker and ask myself every day why we didn’t buy one sooner. This amazing machine fills up the little ice tray super fast. Most of all, It even impressed my husband how well this little machine worked, who’s not impressed easily.

Induction Cook Top

improvements to our camperIMG_2275We took out our propane oven and stovetop right after we bought our camper. The induction cooktop allowed us to use less propane, and it heats up water twice as fast as the propane cooktop. Yet, you have to buy special pans but we have found it works twice as good as an electric cooktop in a sticks and bricks house (S&B).

State Stickers for RV

IMG_2280I love our state sticker map and get excited when we enter a new state.  The girls take turns putting up the newsticker. This is great for families that travel a little or a lot because educational value, is colorful, and gives you bragging rights. We have visited 39 states so far and the girls enjoy telling others about our crazy adventures.


IMG_2284I was asked why we had flamingos in front of our camper once, which always makes me laugh.  I think it is just a fun decoration and I give a different reason each time.  This week my answer was “Oh, we are from Florida, which makes them a necessity”.  Not really but the gentleman had a good laugh.

Electric Leaf Blower

IMG_2283Believe it or an electric leaf blower this is a great tool for camping and has a thousand and one uses.  My top five favorites: 1) great aid in getting a fire started again, 2) blow off leaves on top of slides, 3)   blow off rocks in front of the camper, 4) scare our cats when they are trying to get out, 5) blow trash outback of the truck

Heated Hose

IMG_2277Rather than have our water line freeze we use a heated hose. If you have ever had your water line split open while camping then you will understand why a heated hose becomes so important. The heating element coiled around the hose keeps the water from freezing.

Clear Sewer Connection

IMG_2278IMG_2279I know what you are thinking… ewwww. A clear sewer connection allows you to see everything that comes out of the black tank. Therefore, clear lines make sure everything flows properly.

Oxygenic Shower Head

http://amzn.to/29ZWZslRV comes standard with inadequate showerheads. Men will not understand (unless they have long hair) how much you will love this Oxygenic Shower Head. It will allow you to wash your hair twice, shave, and give your husband enough water to take a shower also. It probably helps that we have a 60-gallon freshwater tank.  Whatever size tank you have it will make your showers last twice along.

RV WiFi Ranger for Internet

IMG_2282 IMG_2281If you have ever been camping you know how terrible the internet can be at a campsite.  The RV WiFi Ranger doesn’t fix the problem but it can pull a signal from two miles away.  This little tool pulls in a weak signal and amplifies it then repeats it so everyone can get online with the same signal.  Of course, if the internet is bad it will come in bad but it does help in a lot of places. I am no expert so read more here

Home Reserve Couch

home reserve Home Reserve home reserve home reserveFinally, I wrote a post about our Home Reserve Couch and how much we love it. We took out the uncomfortable couch, table, and chairs that came with the RV. The couch was easy to assemble, comes in many sizes, boxes can fit in apartment doors, and there is storage under each chair. The best part is we can move the seats around and finally, it was very reasonably priced.

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