The tall ships came to Savannah


The tall ships came to Savannah, they arrived yesterday and will be here through Sunday. The ships were docked on bay street. We started at kids cove and took some pictures with pirates, looked at real muskets, swords, and pirate treasure. It was so hot down on the river next to the tall ships, we only went on a couple of boats, but the kids really enjoyed it.

The tall ships were bigger than I imangined. I was surprised how roomy it was underneath. We went on Theodore too, kids favorite, Dewarci, mom’s favorite, we liked all the ornate woodwork. I also loved seeing Jack Sparrow (pretend) on the Bounty and Thought the Peacemaker was majestic.

tall ship

Once the heat got to us we decided we needed a break in the AC. So, we went to the candy store, kid’s second favorite. Then we made it back to the tall ship kids’ corner where we learned about erosion, turtles, dolphins, and whales. We held lots of animals you might find at Savannah beach. The kids played with snap circuit green energy set (which I think we might ask Santa for next Christmas).


We ended the day with a fun swim.

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