The art of war: Math War

War is allowed when you are practicing math and your only weapon is your brain.  We bought two really cool game called Math War: Multiplication War and Division War (Flash Kids Flash Cards).  I gave the girls each a stack of cards and we went around the table and each girl flipped over her card and had to answer her problem then the person with the lowest or highest answer got all four cards.  The girls all did really good.

We actually started our day off by learning more about the planets.  The girls did several worksheets that included one on the planets, and the first man into space, Suduko, and practiced writing their name in cursive. We finished by playing one of our very favorite games called Scramble the States.

Books we finished

I am so proud of both girls, Munchy finshed her book on Jane Goodall and her report but wants to read it for co-op, next Thursday. Little Huggs has finally finished Bad Kitty School Daze ad did a review on what she thought of the book. She gave the book 10 popcorns or cheeses.

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