The Art of making a time pieces at the York Time Institute LLC.

The York Time Institute is located in downtown York among rows of historic homes. The Institute is housed in a 150-year-old building in Historic York, Pa. After some research, it was revealed that two other watchmakers had been located in this same location.

img_3381We began our tour on the main floor of the building with the students showing us tools, parts and explaining how the school worked. We were surprised to find how diverse the students were by both age and background. There is a total of five students in each class, with backgrounds ranging from construction to engineering. Students ranging in age from as young as their early 20s to people of retirement age. Daniel Nied, who founded the institute, was more than happy to answer all our crazy questions. In addition, his students showed us the small parts and tools they use.

The quaint three story row home is filled with a variety of tools and machines.  As one student said, “Mr. Nied has not one tool but three of everything capable of doing any task”.  The girls were amazed to see all the small parts associated with watches and clocks. In addition, they learned about the different skills that are needed to fix them.

img_3389We learned that when buying an expensive watch or clock you are not always paying for a good working timepiece. Sometimes you are only paying for the fancy case or jewels that make up the timepiece. The girls thought it odd to find out that breaking some parts is expected because that is how you learn.  It also further develops the skills of the watchmaker in how to make and repair the integral parts of these wonderful timepieces. The students have to manufacture the part and it may turn out to be a better timepiece in the end.

Popcorn Rating

popcornWe gave this tour 10 out of 10 popcorns because it was so interesting. We learned more than we bargained for and meet some amazing people. The York Time Institute tour was free but make sure you call for a reservation because this is a working school. It takes 1.5 to 2 years to finish the school and some students might get paid toward the end of their education if they are good enough. Finally, on our way home, we finished our factory tour with ice-cream at our favorite place, Dairy Queen.



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