Teach kids Algebra with Hands on Equation in 3rd grade

Teach your children the joys of learning algebra with Hands-On Equations. Since algebra deals with abstract symbols many students have difficulty conceptualizing mathematics.  The visual and kinesthetic approach of Hands-On Equations enables students to literally grasp algebraic concepts concretely, pictorially and then abstractly

handsonequationAlgebra can be a tricky subject to master but with the help of Hands on Equation 1 , equations like 4x+2=3x+9 become child’s play! The app takes advantage of the iPad’s visual and touch features to demystify complex algebraic concepts. We have used the work books, and videos to help the girls understand and visualize the problems.

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Huggs and Munchy loved it so much that they went through the free level in a day so I bought all 3 level because they asked me to.  We love the apps the best because the girls can watch the videos over and over again until they understand the math problems.  They have to finish all the problems before they can move on to the next level.  We do all three apps once a year and has helped us on our common core math skills in other math programs like Khan Academy.

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