Take a Roadschool Summer Adventure and learn the fun way

Summer is almost upon us and everyone is starting to plan those summer vacations and adventures.  Some may go to our favorite place on earth, Disney World, while others may travel by plane, car, or even RV.  Take a Roadschool summer adventure this summer and learn the fun way. The question most parents have is, can the kids learn anything while we are vacationing without them knowing?

Roadschool summer adventureWe travel full-time in an RV and Roadschool and Unschool as we travel and see all those awesome sites along the way.  The kids get to see amazing places, learn about our history, remember facts and meet incredible people. We have some amazing adventures and even learn a few things along the way.

I get asked a lot (and I mean a lot), how are your kids learning if you aren’t using school-assigned textbooks.  Learning only comes from a curriculum set by the state and doing 10-page book reports. Kids need to take tests and workbook pages to reinforce those lessons.  Learning every day by living life, having fun adventures, and seeing amazing things. We visit zoos, national parks, state parks, historical sites, and science and technology museums. Take hikes, do an internet course, and even read books. Need more info? Click here to get started.

So how can you plan your summer Roadschool adventure with your kids?

  1. First, plan out where you want to go and spend some time in the city exploring and learning about its past.
  2. Google: “things to do in {fill in the blank} city with kids”. I usually get a few websites that have great ideas that are free, budget-friendly, or just plain adventures.
  3. Roadside America is one of my favorite apps (and websites) and has some really neat stuff
  4. Roadtripper app (or website), you can plan your trip, and budget your gas, and travel time.  You can even find places to stay (campsites or hotels), roadside fun, and historic site all in one place.
  5. Geocaching is always fun when you are someplace and the kids love to play detective
  6. Here are a few of our favorite books that I use often:

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Follow our crazy journey across America as we visit roadside oddities, historical land marks and beautiful landscapes. I have ton of ideas and review educational products that will help you get the most on your home school adventure. We are an Unschool family that believes the world is our classroom and is teaching our children to self direct their education to a better future.

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