21 things to do in Dubois, Wyoming

Dubois, Wyoming /ˈdjuːbɔɪz/ dew-boyz/  is one of those small towns that is full of cowboy charm and a great place to visit.  It is only 80 miles from anywhere (according to the locals) and is a great base camp for visiting Yellowstone and the Grand Titans National Parks. Only 971 people live in this small, quant town year around and if you ask anyone they would love to keep it that way, or least the older generation Continue reading

Unschool Class at Yellowstone

The best thing about traveling fulltime is getting to see places like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Disney. We love the adventure of getting their and stopping at all the roadside attractions along the way. Today adventure was Unschool class at Yellowstone. What could be more fun than driving around and looking at amazing views, looking for wild animals and watching people.  Today we didn’t follow a curriculum or plan out any activities but drove all Continue reading

Grand Titans National Park and the run in with a Grizzly Bear

SCARED does not even described the feeling when I saw a grizzly bear running across the road at Grand Titans National Park.  Actually it was excitement, heart racing, and joy as I yelled,”Stop, turn the car around let get a picture of that bear.”  Yes, my husband look at me and said, “Really? Ok, but we aren’t getting close you crazy women. “ It all happened very fast, once the Huggs yelled, “That was a Continue reading