Pixar writing Class: more fun than a box of chocolates

I have never, and I mean never seen my kids so excited about Pixar writing Class.  They actually despise writing book reports and will do anything to avoid doing it.  I blame the fancy private school the girls used to go to in our home town.  The Pixar writing class was honestly the most fun we have had and the kids actually looked forward to each assignment every night. Here is what we did to Continue reading

Writing Jungle poem assignment

This morning while the girls watched Harry Potter, they did there writing jungle assignment.  Today we copied a poem, tomorrow they use the same poem but fill in the blanks and try to spell the words right, and then on Wednesday they have to find all the mistakes I made when I typed the poem. We finished 2 more chapters about Sacagawea – so we did a video to show what we learned… We also went to Continue reading


Yep I am making the girl write thank you cards to all of her friends that came to the party.  It’s good practice for spelling and  penmanship.  So far we have only done half but my goal is to get the girls to finish by this weekend, and mailed – We are also drawing tree pictures – there is a contest I found on the South Carolina Homeschool website for making a new SC plate Continue reading

Columbus day

I guess the private schools had off for columbus day, but we did not…. Just no tv…. This morning the girls made a video on how to make a breakfast sandwich. This time I tried to do small movies and then edited them together in you tube. The sandwich tasted really good…. We worked on our menus. Today the girls used the computer typed up the list for the menu. We are going to print Continue reading

Summer begins still homeschooling

We did our two work book pages from Brain Quest – Today we did math. Mac did multiplication 1 and 2 times tables which she did with no help at all, I am so Proud!! Belle did subtraction pages which turned into tic-tac-toe. The were 2 digit problems that subtracted 2 digit problem (98-74=24). Next we did our postcard writing, so if you haven’t gotten a postcard from wonderful Hilton Head you will be soon! Continue reading