Magic School Bus -Water experiments

Today we had fun with a friend who came to spend the night. We decided to do water experiments from our Magic School Bus kits. Rylee wanted to do experiments about water. Water Experiments 1- 3 …. were to see if an item would sink or float. Each girl had to pick 2 items they thought would sink and 2 items they thought would float. The 4th water experiment was to see if 4 different Continue reading


We now have 5 eggs – I can’t wait till the babies hatch…… Does anyone know is this bird is a phoebe and if so how many eggs they lay?? Yesterday we went to the beach with a friend and played in the water and sand.  The girls had more fun running back and forth from the water getting stuff to make their hot tub.  They found tons of shells and 5 sand dollars digging Continue reading

Clouds form

How are clouds made??? That was the question for today….. so we made a cloud by taking a 2 leader soda bottle cut it in half and then but very hot water in the bottom and put ice in the top with the lid on and upside down…. It did not really form cloud but it made steam (or condinsation built up between the layers) which formed on the side of the bottle and then dripped water Continue reading

Dancing Water – changes colors

We did 2 science experiments — dancing water, and water that changes colors. First was dancing water…. We added baking soda and citric acid then we added water – When the chemicals are mixed together they let off carbon dioxide which looks like dancing water… Color changing liquid…. We added red cabbage (which is a neutral) and water in 2 cups.We added citric acid to one and it turned red, and baking soda to the Continue reading