Roadside Fun: Name the richest state Park in the Country?

Can you name the Richest state park in the country? I will give you a hint: You will find the hardest substance on the planet and then think about what states you can find them. This place also happens to be a State Park but unlike most parks everything you find you can take home. Ok well only 5 LB buckets of washed rocks per person, and honestly that looked like a lot of work. Continue reading

Unschool Science Activity: How to blow something up

We started our Unschool Science Activity with experiment about Volcanoes, Lava, cake pops, and finish with pool math. When you are Unschooled and have a friends over what could be more fun than blowing something up. What is the first thing the kids ask, when their friends arrives, “Hey mom, since we have been learning about volcanoes all week can we try to make a volcano and make it blow up?”   We finished our ugly cake Continue reading

Unschool Adventure: How Ursula escaped from a volcano

Our Unschool adventure was all about volcanoes. We started off by imagining that Ursula escaped from a Volcano called Ursula jail or Erta Ale, located near the red sea. That’s the first thing Munchy said when I read the name of the volcano. Our science packet came from magic school bus on volcanoes. So Rubber Ducky thought the girls should do a little report before we jumped into the science stuff. The girls watched magic school bus on volcanoes, Continue reading