Huge List kids can use learn math: Unschool style

I created, a huge list that kids can use to learn math, Unschool style. My family has homeschooled or Unschooled for over 10 years. We have learned math in many different ways, styles, and methods. Over the years we have had fun inventive ways to make learning fun. A little about Unschooling Unschooling is self-directed learning that puts the child control. We as parents are here to help them along the way or lead them Continue reading

Why Unschooling might not work for you

Unschooling might not work for your family. Honestly, this is more about the parent than the child. Unschooling is about giving up control and trusting in your child. Which, is one of the hardest things to do. Child-led learning is more about trust and communication than anything. A type “A” person or a person that needs schedules, or order would have a very hard time. My husband is this kind of person but has learned Continue reading

First steps start Unschooling Highschool

unschooling highschool

Unschooling highschool is easier than you think.  There are really only three steps to get started on the easiest year of your life.  Have the kids set goals, make a budget and finally submit your intent to homeschool form. Many homeschoolers have rules and regulations on how you should homeschool your children. My main rule is to have fun and enjoy the time you have with your kids; life is way too short.  I don’t Continue reading

How to Unschool any subject without making any plans 

How can I Unschool any subject without making plans? Let me start by saying I am not a planner and never have been.  I believe a lot of time people are scared to homeschool their kids because of the planning, they think it is very time-consuming and hard.  Actually, any subject can be taught with no plan at all.  I do not write things on a calendar, I have no idea what we are going Continue reading

You Unschool and your friends and family don’t approve, How do you deal with them?

You Unschool and your friends and family don’t approve, How do you deal with them? If you have chosen to take the road less traveled and homeschool your child be ready to run into those that do NOT approve. Even harder is the road of a Unschooler or Roadschooler. Trust me I know from experience. So how do you deal with these people? There are three roads you can take and sometimes it depends on Continue reading

Take a Roadschool Summer Adventure and learn the fun way

Summer is almost upon us and everyone is starting to plan those summer vacations and adventures.  Some may go to our favorite place on earth, Disney World, while others may travel by plane, car, or even RV.  Take a Roadschool summer adventure this summer and learn the fun way. The question most parents have is, can the kids learn anything while we are vacationing without them knowing? We travel full-time in an RV and Roadschool Continue reading