15 things we have learned traveling full time

These are 15 things we have learned while traveling full-time in an RV.  Honestly guys this is just meant to be fun and makes me laugh every time I think about them.  When we started three years ago traveling full time we had never camped before. So you can only imagine how much we have learned. So enjoy! Who needs a stick and brick (S&B) house because your home is where you park our RV Continue reading

Can you make friends traveling full time?

how do make friends

Can you make friends traveling full-time? Will I ever see my friends again? How do I stay in touch with my friends? These questions have come up a lot since we hit the road 8 months ago. The answer, believe it or not, is pretty easy. How to become instant friends You make friends the same way you do in a stick house.  You go up to someone introduce yourself and start conservation and either you Continue reading

We are off on our first adventure

It is five pm Wednesday and we are finally off on our adventure. Rubber Ducky ( the hubby) has been sick the last couple of nights and we lost our extra keys for the camper. Hopefully, we just misplaced the keys. Rubber Ducky is concerned that we have way too much stuff. We are off on the adventure of a lifetime. This family gets to see the US the way everyone dreams of, in an Continue reading

McIntyre Family adventure begins November 1st

photography 101

The count down begins for the McIntyre family adventure… Starting November 1st, 2013 we are going to move into an RV and travel the US, Canada, and maybe even Mexico.  Yes, we are moving into a 400 sq. ft. box on wheels, and yes we are nuts!  I got off the same walkway as everyone else 4 years ago when I decided to dive into homeschooling (or unschooling), with no idea of what I was Continue reading

Trip to Paris France Day one

On Our Way to Paris France Well, most of you know that the girls are on their way to Paris France and their first stop is  Moriaix, Brittany where my brother lives.  My parents took the girls to France and they just arrived yesterday.  So here are the first set of pictures going to France and the beautiful town where my brother, his beautiful wife and kids live.  I am hoping to get lots of Continue reading

21 questions about animals

They learned how to play 21 questions about animals at their zoo class and have been playing it all day. One person thinks of an animal, then the other people have to ask 21 questions to try to guess what animal they are thinking of. They start by general questions, like does it have fur, lay eggs, live on land, have gills, is it a mammal, reptile, ….. you get the idea…. we played this Continue reading