How do Unschoolers learn about the Union Pacific Railroad

Have you ever wondered how Unschooling works? What is the difference between Unschooling and homeschooling?  It is pretty simple, Unschoolers don’t do tests, workbook sheets (unless we want), book reports, sit at a table for hours or use a curriculum.  Unschooling is about life learning or letting your child choose what they want to learn, finding the resources to help them learn a subject, and then encouraging them. Learn more here We love taking scenic Continue reading

Unschooling science and history at Potter Park Zoo and Shay Locomotive

Zoos are amazing places for children and adults because you get to see some animals you would never get to see otherwise.  Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan is home to 160 species of animals, many of which are threatened or endangered. Some of the animals we saw included Amur tigers, red pandas, Bali mynah birds, snow leopards, tamarin monkeys, bongos, and more. The zoo was not one of the biggest that we have visited, but it Continue reading