Immerce your kids in science and art by going to museums

I love to immerse my kids in science at art by going to museums all over the country, like the Museum of Science and Art in Macon, GA. Sometimes it’s hard to get kids excited about certain subjects and visiting a hands-on, interactive museum always helps. Don’t get me wrong blowing things up by using science is always fun too. We had a blast at the Museum of art and science in Macon GA. Every Continue reading

Co-op Day learning about Science, math, and writing letters

Co-op day is so much fun for all the kids mainly because they get to play and see their friends. The last couple of days at co-op we have been learning about the planets, stars, and constellations. We are taking a trip tomorrow to the planetarium and want to try to get the kids ready for our little adventure. Planet Report by Huggs We started off Co-op Day by letting hugs do a report on Continue reading

Star gazing at the beach

Last night we went to the beach to do a little star gazing.  We got there about 8pm and stayed till 10pm and had a blast.  Since we are learning about stars, planets, and solar system, I thought it would be fun to do something different.  One the way to the beach we looked up on the internet some stories about the constellations and how they got in the sky.  The girls played on the Continue reading

Dancing with the stars

Dancing with the stars…. well my little stars!!! The girls had a friend over and they put on a couple shows. The first was a dancing routine they made up in the pool, then a crime scene where mac played the good and bad guy and the last was were both girls have a swimming accident and Mac saves the day and saves both girls… lets just say they had a blast in the pool. Continue reading