Road Trip Teacher and Unschooling Curriculum on the Black Hills

We are an unschooling family and normally do not use an unschooling curriculum but I like to shake things up every now and again.  We have been in the Black Hills for the last week and I thought it would be fun to reinforce what we have learned by using the Road Trip Teacher Study Guide.  The study guides are a great addition for those families that are traveling full-time, taking small vacations this summer, or Continue reading

Imagine when mammoths roamed the earth

Mammoth site

It’s fun to go back in time and imagine when Mammoths roamed the earth. Isabelle’s favorite animal is the Wooly Mammoths and she was extra excited to go visit the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD. It is said that every time they dig down anywhere in the Dakotas they find dinosaurs. We arrive at the site just in time for the first tour and were lucky because there were only eight people total.  In Continue reading

Homolvi State Park and Hopi People

hopi indians

Why did the Hopi leave Homolovi? Why did we find so many fragments of pots? Why is this land still sacred to Hopi? These are the questions the girls thought of as we headed out to Homolvi State Park to see the only two sites that are still open to the public, Homolovi I and Homolovi II. We stayed at the Homolovi State Park in Winslow, Arizona.  The park was beautiful and the site was Continue reading

We learned how to read a map and practiced photography

Moving day is coming up so we thought the girls would enjoy learning how to read a map.  Moving day is when we move our 41 ft, 5th wheel to its next spot, sometimes this takes two days and sometimes only a couple of hours. Right now we are at an elevation of roughly 3400 feet in Roswell and want to get a little lower to get away from the potential of snow, freezing rain, Continue reading

New Year Eve – Epcot – Disney World

Can you learn anything at Epcot on New Year’s Eve? Yes, you can learn a lot in Epcot. We watched people; we saw some very cool educational movies about the countries; we went on rides that talked about the country. There is an area about each part of the earth, the land, water, space.  Heck, you are bound to learn something and it’s a lot more fun that sitting in a class room! Here are Mac Continue reading