August skating fun and making a bust

Once a month we get together with all the homeschoolers all over the Savannah area and skate at SK8city in Pooler Ga.  They have made us a really great deal so that we can skate when the normal kids are in school and gave us one heck of a deal on the price.  Only $7 for 2 hours of skating, skate rental, 1 piece of pizza, small drink, and 4 tokens.  The kids love it Continue reading

Homeschool Skate party

We had our very fist skate party for all the homeschoolers in the Savannah GA area at SK8city in Pooler GA.  I have set up a time for all the homeschool kids to go skating once a month from 10am – 12pm all year-long.  We had 33 skaters show up today which I think was a great turn out  The kids got to skate for 2 hours, eat pizza and got a drink and 4 Continue reading

Skating every month at SK8City in Pooler GA

sk8 city skating

Next event September 26th 10-12pm – come join us and ALL homeschoolers are invited!! Hey everyone SK8 City has made us a great deal. We can go skating the last Thursday of every month starting June 27th from 10am till noon.  There are training wheels for the little guys that are just learning to skate for only $1.  They have tons of games for the kids and even a laser maze that everyone can try Continue reading

1st day radical unschooling

Yesterday we invited some friends to go skating at SK8city in Pooler.  I needed to talk to the manager about our upcoming homeschool Sk8 city event.  All the girls had a lot of fun and the best part is they played lots of games.  They played red light, green light and one of the girls one. The kids played a dice game, hockey poky (which was hilarious to watch), and they did an all kids Continue reading

4-H. Team building

At 4H today the kids worked on team building.  This time we had the 2 big girls (Sophie and McKenzey) go with the older kids and the younger girls (Lexie and Isabelle) went with the younger kids.  I was with bigger kids 4th – 8th graders.  They first went around the circle and made up a silly action to go with their names, so everyone could remember each other names.  Then they played the blob Continue reading

skating video arcade pizza with friends

Today was a blast for the kids.  We went to check out the new skating place in Pooler, SK8 city.  They decided at the lat minute that they did not want to skate so we skated for an hour by ourselves.  SK8 city is a big rink, for skating, you can rent inline skate or regular skates with 4 wheels.  They have different sponsored nights light, Church night, zumba classes, and the best part is Continue reading