Unschooling at the gardens at the National Museum of the Great Lakes

Can you enjoy a visit to a museum without actually entering it?  Most of the time the answer is: Yes! It happened to us today at the National Museum of the Great Lakes.  We had to go into town to get something for our camper at one of our favorite stores, Camping World. Since we were in town, we thought we would throw a little Unschooling into the mix and visit a museum. The first thing we Continue reading

The tall ships came to Savannah

The tall ships came to Savannah, they arrived yesterday and will be here through Sunday. The ships were docked on bay street. We started at kids cove and took some pictures with pirates, looked at real muskets, swords, and pirate treasure. It was so hot down on the river next to the tall ships, we only went on a couple of boats, but the kids really enjoyed it. The tall ships were bigger than I Continue reading