Origami great way to learn unschool math

We took Uncle Tom’s advice and tried doing some origami.  First you need thin paper, not construction paper, so you can do the folds. And you need a really good origami app on your iPad 2, or a book that gives really good illustrations of what you need to do. We only had the instruction book and an app, but the paper was way too thick.  So we only made a frog… We also went Continue reading

Marshmallow Math

Geometry or shape building Marshmallow Math involved sticks and marshmallow and making lots of shapes.  We decided to make shapes out of marshmallows and pretzel sticks. Munchy Marshmallow Math turned out to be a fort, which she decided to eat some of before I noticed. Belle’s was a long snake made out of triangles and then it became the moat for the castle. After that we painted the wood shadow box that our Nana gave us for Continue reading